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We prepare estimates for construction and renovation companies.

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Certainly, it happened many times that you did not have enough time to start the valuation for your client. Thanks to estiMedes, you are finally able to react quickly and effectively. We value time, so our full cost estimates are ready in a few days!

Each estimate you receive from us is a full project specification. The valuation includes an offer for the client, a detailed cost estimate, a work schedule in the form of a calendar, as well as a list of building materials needed for the relevant week.

All calculations are based on the latest market prices for both construction materials and labor. You decide on your margin, and the final quote is sent to the customer only after confirming and agreeing all the details of the offer with you.

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estimated projects

We have already estimated over a thousand construction projects and this amount is constantly growing. This allowed us to perfectly optimize the pricing method.


regular customers

We have already been trusted by over one hundred and fifty Polish and English construction companies in the UK, which have established permanent cooperation with estiMedes.


estimates per day

The pace of work is supervised by seven cost estimators, thanks to which we can easily meet short lead times.

Full, detailed valuation of a construction project, which includes all the necessary construction materials based on the length of a specific activity. Any information contained in this file can be interfered with, starting with employee man-hours rates and ending with increasing the complexity of a given item.

Each estimate includes a project report that includes margins, profits, estimated project duration, and a breakdown into Total Labor / Material / Equipment. By resetting all margins, you can very easily show the maximum amount you can go down, so that the project is still financially profitable and brings adequate profits.

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Krystian Drozdowski

Founder & CEO

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IT Manager

Malgorzata Klosinek

Office Head Admin

Bartosz Jaglarz

QS Manager

Tomasz Pinkowski

QS Training Specialist

Wiktoria Kostrzewa

3D Designer

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Quantity Surveyor

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Quantity Surveyor

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Quantity Surveyor

I need Software for Estimates

Estimeno 2.0

  • The Best Construction Estimate Software
  • Designed for Quantity Only method which allows you to create professional estimates in just 15 minutes
  • Beautiful and clear design, which will make you be at the top
  • Create own estimates for small and big projects
  • A technology that allows you to generate estimates from any device - phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer
  • Possibility to turn on and turn off each estimate elements

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I need Quantity Surveyor

If your business have a lot of enquires, the best solution is to employ a Quantity Surveyor from estiMedes.

We prepared 3 options for you to choose from :

Yellow QS

  • You get a Quantity Surveyor for 8h per day (Full Time)
  • Working for you from Monday to Friday
  • Net Price : €800 + Vat (Per Week)

Blue QS

  • You get a Quantity Surveyor for 4h per day (Half Time)
  • Working for you from Monday to Friday
  • Net Price : €400 + Vat (Per Week)

Green QS

  • You get a Quantity Surveyor for 2h per day (One-Quater Time)
  • Working for you from Monday to Friday
  • Net Price : €200 + Vat (Per Week)

Having a QS working for you as an employee is a saving of min 50% comparing to option "pay for every estimate".